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Your Decisions Are Creating Your Future


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As entrepreneurs, we’re in charge of all the decisions when it comes to our businesses. But how often do we just make the “default decision” based on habit or a set of beliefs we hold about ourselves? Most of the time we’re not even consciously aware of it. It’s so easy to slip into ‘auto-pilot’ mode (especially when we’re really busy) but living on auto-pilot isn’t going to get us to where we want to be. We need to take control and make decisions that are going to move us in the direction of our goals, one step at a time. 



Think about a pilot flying a plane. If they steer it in a different direction by even the smallest amount, then the plane will land hundreds of miles away from where it was originally headed. It’s the same for us as entrepreneurs — a decision may seem tiny and insignificant in the moment, but it can have a powerful impact that changes the trajectory of our entire lives.

When you consciously decide that you’re going to do something, suddenly you start to become aware of opportunities that you weren’t looking for before. That’s why it’s so important to make decisions that are going to help you create the life and business that you want.

In this episode I talk about:

Making decisions that are aligned with your goals 
Welcoming abundance into your life
How I overcame my money blocks and manifested financial success
How to open yourself up to receiving what you want

I hope this episode helps you to become more intentional about the decisions you make each day, because every single one of them is creating your future.

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