Elusive clouded leopard noticed at 3700 m altitude in Nagaland village, verify particulars

In a big discovering from the attitude of wildlife and ecology, a staff of researchers have clicked images of a bunch of clouded leopards at an elevation of 3700 meters in a Himalayan community-owned forest in Nagaland. The community-owned forest which is on the Indo-Myanmar border is at an altitude of about 3700 meter which is likely one of the highest peaks at which the elusive large cat has been seen the world over, the Indian Categorical reported.

Whereas the clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) has been sighted at a number of locations beforehand because the species normally inhabit the low altitude evergreen rainforests, the analysis is important because it exhibits that the large cat can survive at a better altitude as nicely. A complete of two adults and two cubs have been recorded by the researchers inhabiting the excessive altitude forest within the space.  Clouded leopard is taken into account the smallest of the massive wild cats and has been categorized as susceptible beneath the IUCN classification.

The analysis which was carried out by the Delhi-based Wildlife Safety Society of India (WPSI) included establishing cameras at a number of locations at a excessive altitude and recording the pictures of the fauna. About cameras have been positioned throughout two periods- January-June 2020 and July-September 2021.  The analysis discovered photographic proof of the species at Thanamir village within the Kiphire district of Nagaland. The district which falls within the Jap Nagaland is near the state’s highest peak-Mount Saramati.

Nijhawan, a conservation anthropologist based mostly in Arunachal Pradesh and who can also be an advisor to the WPSI initiative, informed the Indian Categorical that the analysis was very important because the digicam captured the breeding species at such a excessive altitude. Nijhawan stated that the large cat recorded within the digicam seems to inhabit the place and are reproducing there which signifies that there’s sufficient prey and meals for them at this altitude.

Beforehand additionally, the species has been recorded at an altitude of 3720 meter in Sikkim however that was in a state-protected forest. That is the primary occasion when the species has been recorded at an altitude of over 3700 in a community-owned forest. Nijhawan stated that the event signifies that even the non-protected forests host a big variety of biodiversity. 

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