Secret Advice To Maturing Believers

Bible Teaching

As a believer, you will go through different seasons in your walk with Jesus. Some will be tougher than others. You need to correctly interpret the Word of God and know how to apply it to your life. There will always be issues that you will encounter.

Secret Advice To Maturing Believers

Scripture provides some principles which can assist us in growing more mature in our faith.

The first principle is that we must realize there will always be people in whose eyes you will never measure up. No matter how hard you work, how many rules you follow, or how much you achieve, you will never measure up to their standard. The Bible makes it clear that we should strive to please the Lord, not to please other people. (Galatians 1:10) When we gave our lives to Jesus, we surrendered our desire to be liked by everyone, and chose to rest in knowing that we are loved by God.


The second principle we must understand is that the best spiritual mentors are the ones who are walking toward purity just like you. It is very important that you look for the right mentors as you move forward in your walk with Christ. Look for those kinds of mentors in your life who are in the process of becoming more Christlike in their lives. That’s the kind of person you need to help guide your life. Look for the person who is processing all that they are going through. Learn that kind of maturity and begin to emulate it.


The third principle is that the Christian life is more Yeses than Noes. For many people, their Christian life entails, “No, don’t do that. Don’t do this. You had better not do that. That’s wrong. You had better watch out. You’re on the wrong side.” They don’t realize how many Yeses there are in Scripture. When there are Noes, it is to keep us from driving off the road. The Noes keep us from making moral decisions that will blow up in our lives. Remember what James said, “Let’s not make it difficult.” (Acts 15:19)


The fourth principle is that we must live our private life as if it were our public walk. Even though the Christian life gives personal freedom, you can’t do whatever you desire. You do what Jesus desires. That truth will create tension between your spirit and your flesh. If you do something to express your freedom and you don’t care who is watching you, something is not right. You are to live with your eyes in the Word, your heart focused on Christ, and your mind aware of your situation. Trust the Holy Spirit. He will tell you what is right and what is wrong.


Finally, we should always look for the encouraging word. James wrote, “The people read it and were glad for its encouraging message.” (Acts 15:31). Look for the encouraging message and the encouraging word. Be someone who is an encourager. Be an encourager instead of trying to straighten out someone’s life. The Holy Spirit can do that. His job has already been filled. The Holy Spirit has all the power He needs to speak to someone about where they are and what they are doing.


As believers, we must strive to grow deeper in our faith and love for Christ. Quiet time with the Lord and the study of God’s Word are absolutely essential for the maturing believer. At the same time, our goal is to encourage people to come to the Lord. Look on the bright side and be an encourager whenever you can. We are equipped by the Holy Spirit to bring glory, honor and praise to our Heavenly Father. Share Jesus with someone today!

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