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Bangladesh’s Benefit of High-Speed Diesel from India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline
3 months ago no Comment

To consolidate cross-border energy security, Bangladesh and India scripted another golden chapter in their bilateral ties through the launch of the operation of the India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline (IBFP) for diesel supply on March 18.

India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline to Ensure the Energy Security of Bangladesh
3 months ago no Comment

Recently State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources of Bangladesh Nasrul Hamid said the Bangladesh-India Friendship Pipeline will effectively contribute to the country’s energy security.

India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline, An Alternative Energy Trade Route to Reduce Cost and Time
3 months ago no Comment

Bangladesh and India had been sharing friendly and warm relations since 1971. Both of the countries have been kith and kin through crisis moments.

An Important Player of South Asian Geopolitics, named Bangladesh.
3 months ago no Comment

The basic key factor behind the geopolitical importance pf Bangladesh is the geography of Bangladesh. The country shares land borders with Myanmar and India. Due to its geographical position, Bangladesh is a natural link between South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Sanction: USA's foreign policy instrument to achieve geopolitical interest in Bangladesh and India
6 months ago no Comment

The post-cold war era has seen a significant shift in the foreign policy of the USA. Earlier the  USA used to follow military intervention to achieve its foreign policy objectives

6 months ago no Comment

On 26th November, India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that India is trying to improve trade and connectivity with Bangladesh and Myanmar

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