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iPhone 13 price in India drops to all-time low, selling at whopping Rs 13,000 flat discount: Details

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If you’ve been eying the iPhone 13 and budget has been a constraint, you might want to listen to this. You can now buy the iPhone 13 for as low as Rs 66,900. If you’re wondering, no, there is no catch. It’s all-inclusive. You don’t have to have a select bank card or put up an existing phone on exchange to get it. You don’t have to do any math, either, except for maybe if you want to know how much you’ll end up saving considering that the iPhone 13— which is also now made in India, by the way – starts at a pretty steep Rs 79,900 officially. That’s a whopping Rs 13,000 flat discount.

Okay, enough suspense, let’s get into it. The iPhone 13 is available for purchase at a starting price of Rs 66,900 on Amazon India website. It is a limited time offer, obviously, and is part of the e-commerce portal’s “Summer Sale” promotional event that kicks off May 4, 2022. Just to hype things up, Amazon is starting a few of the discounts a day early – which is today, May 3— by way of “Countdown deals”. This means, if you head over to Amazon India website, right now, and search for Apple iPhone 13, you’ll find the 128GB base model listed at Rs 66,900. Note that in Amazon-verse, this is a Rs 8,000 discount because already, the phone sells for Rs 74,900 there (not at Rs 79,900). It’s been a while that way. You can also find the iPhone 13 128GB model selling for Rs 74,900 on Flipkart, similarly.

iPhone 13 Amazon listing

The real kicker is that almost every colour is part of the offer price meaning you can pick from any of the available models – (Product) RED, Blue, Midnight, Pink, Starlight— except for the recently announced Green version and get it for Rs 66,900.

The 256GB and 512GB versions of the iPhone 13 are also available at reduced prices on Amazon India. Both are available with up to Rs 5,401 discount. This means that the 256GB iPhone 13 can be purchased for Rs 79,499 (down from Rs 89,900). The 512GB model, on the other hand, is available for Rs 99,499 (down from Rs 1,09,900). In the case of the 512GB iPhone 13, you can’t get all colours, at least at the time of writing. Only the Blue and Midnight versions are available like this. The rest of the models are either unavailable or available at higher prices. The 256GB model, again, is available in (Product) RED, Blue, Midnight, Pink, and Starlight for Rs 79,499.

Amazon does not mention when the sale ends but be sure we will update this piece as soon as we get information.

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