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Floki Inu introduces Treasury Bills: users can buy FLOKI at a discount

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Floki Inu revealed in a tweet thread that it has once again partnered with ApeSwap to allow its users to purchase its native token FLOKI at a discount via their new sustainable liquidity mining (SLM) program.

The tweet read:

“We’re excited to partner with @ape_swap to allow users to purchase FLOKI at a discount using their new sustainable liquidity mining (SLM) program.”

Floki Inu’s SLM program

Floki Inu’s team revealed that the sustainable liquidity mining program uses yield-bearing NFTs called Treasury Bills. Users can buy these Treasury Bills using Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens and receive FLOKI tokens at a discount.

To create liquidity, users will then be required to sell the Treasury Bills.

The SLM program is designed to allow users to purchase FLOKI tokens at a discount while also providing a way for Floki Inu to create protocol-owned liquidity sustainably and in a cost-effective manner.

To participate in the program, users should visit the Treasury Bill page on ApeSwap and choose “Floki-BNB Bill.” You can then go ahead and create a liquidity protocol by selecting “Get LP.”

The SLM programs provide an opportunity for FLOKI lovers to add to their bags at a discounted price.

It is worth noting that this is the second time that Floki Inu is partnering with ApeSwap for the SLM program.

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