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Delivery Vacation Packages Simply Acquired Extra Costly

Shipping packages via the United States Postal Service just got more expensive — and the cost increases will last through the holiday season.

New pricing on holiday shipping for certain USPS domestic mail services including Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First-Class Package Service and USPS Retail Ground went into effect over the weekend.

The Postal Service says the adjusted rates are temporary and will remain in effect until Jan. 22, 2023. International shipping rates are not affected. Stamp prices aren’t changing either.

For retail customers, the price hikes vary depending on the weight of the package, how far it is shipped and what type of service is used. Priority mail flat rate enveloped cost an extra $0.95, for instance, while heavy packages sent more than 600 miles via first class or ground service now cost an extra $5.85.

You can read more about the holiday price changes here.

The increases are intended to “keep the Postal Service competitive and are similar to adjustments in past years to help cover extra handling costs to ensure a successful holiday season,” the Postal Service said in a news release on Tuesday.

How much are stamps?

Sending your holiday cards will also be a little more expensive this winter, compared to last year. The USPS has hiked stamp prices several times over the past few years to help offset rising costs. The most recent increase in July brought the price of one first class stamp up from $0.58 to $0.60.

The cost of stamps could go up again next year, too. In August, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told the Postal Service Board of Governors that he believes it will be necessary to raise rates again in January given the agency’s ongoing budget constraints and persistently high inflation.

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