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CurateDAO launches decentralized Pinterest-like data curations on Avalanche

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CurateDAO has released decentralized Pinterest-like data curations supported by incentives on Avalanche blockchain. The integration has made the CurateDAO curate-to-earn protocol features available on Avalanche.

In a nutshell, users will be able to assemble boards similar to the ones on Pinterest and earn AVAX tokens if other users use the boards.

CurateDAO uses a Web2 application-like interface and the integration with Avalanche will offer low transaction fees and high throughput.

CurateDAO curate-to-earn protocol

The CurateDAO curate-to-earn protocol boards are decentralized and use smart contracts to distribute revenue among content creators and curators.

Users can access curated lists on CurateDAO including metaverse governance books, futuristic snakes, Web3 apps, and Codes for NYC bathrooms among others.

CurateDAO, however, aims at migrating to a subnet to increase its reach with the help of the Blizzard grant fund it received from Avalanche.

According to CurateDAO’s founder, Michael Fischer, CurateDAO is at the moment the best platform for helping users find the best content while rewarding data scouts and curators.

How CurateDAO works

Curators first mint a curation and define the guidelines for the information to be provided within the curation. Scouts then find data for the curation following the set guidelines.

The scouts then stake some money in the curation, which is returned to them once the curation is accepted. It is the prerogative of the curator to accept or deny the provided curation.

The accepted curations then earn money through affiliate links, benefactors, paid subscriptions, and advertisements. What is earned is then dived between the scouts and curators based on their contributions.

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