Warren Buffett’s top stocks: Apple, Bank of America, others zoom 50% this year; which ones do you own?

Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, known for his investment portfolio. In the third quarter, Berkshire Hathaway was a net seller of stocks for the fourth consecutive quarter. Berkshire equity sales were a net $1.95 billion, up from $1.1 billion in the second quarter. Some of the stocks in his portfolio have been for years and even decades. However, this year Buffett sold and shed some of the stock from his portfolio. Buffett’s Berkshire exited Merck & Co., as well as Merck spinoff Organon. It slashed stakes in several pharmaceutical companies such as Abbvie Inc, and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. The firm also eliminated complete stake in another pharma company — Biogen Inc. in the second quarter slashed stakes in several pharmaceutical companies.

In both the second and third quarter, Berkshire Hathaway kept positions in Bank of America, Apple (AAPL), The Coca-Cola Company and American Express Company, among others. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has the largest holdings in four stocks — Apple, Bank of America Corporation, American Express Company, and The Coca Cola Company (as at the end of 30 September 2021). 


In terms of market value, Berkshire Hathaway has the largest holding in Apple. Berkshire Hathaway began buying Apple stock late in 2016 and by early July 2018, owned slightly more than one billion Apple shares. Berkshire held 887 million Apple shares or 5.4 per cent stake as of 30 September 2021 for a total market value of $160 billion. So far this calendar year 2021, Apple shares have gained 38.6  per cent to $179.38, from $129.41 as on January 4, 2021. 

Bank of America 

Berkshire Hathaway’s second highest holding is in Bank of America Corp. Warren Buffett holds 1.01 billion shares worth $45.09 billion in Bank of America, or 12.34 per cent of the company. Bank of America Corp stock price has soared nearly 50 per cent so far this year, rising to $44.63, from $30.03 on the first trading day of CY 2021.

American Express Company 

Berkshire Hathaway held  150 million shares or 19.57 per cent stake worth $24.92 billion in American Express Company, making it the third highest holding of Berkshire Hathaway. So far this year, American Express Company stock price has zoomed nearly 40 per cent (38.79 per cent). As of last close, American Express Company share price stood at $163.83, from $118.04 on 4th January 2021.

The Coca Cola company

Berkshire Hathaway held 9.3 per cent stake or 400 million shares in Coca Cola — its fourth highest holding. Warren Buffett’s Coca Cola holdings market value was $23.46 billion. So far this year, The Coca Cola Company stock price has surged 11.73 per cent to $58.95, from $52.76 at the start of the calendar year 2021.

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