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Gold Reaches a New All-Time High: What’s Driving the Surge in Prices?


Gold renews its all-time highs after surging 1.64% on Friday and a further 1.24% during this morning’s Asian session.
The price of Gold has risen due to 3 factors; Iran’s helicopter crash killing at least 2 politicians, a potential rate cut and a weaker US Dollar.
Commodities all continue to increase with Copper leading after rising a further 3.45% intraday.
Investors are refocusing on the NASDAQ in anticipation of NVIDIA’s quarterly earnings report, which will be made public mid-week.

XAUUSD – Weaker Dollar and Chinese Demand!

Gold’s price has been increasing for the past 2 weeks but saw significant gains mainly on Friday and early this morning. Another factor investors should note is that the demand is not solely coming from the US trading session but rather all 3 trading sessions (Asian, European & US). Why is Gold again renewing its highs?

The first factor that investors need to take note of is that the price of all commodities have been rising over the past 2-weeks. Here we can see that commodities in general are seeing demand and lower supply, not solely Gold. The second factor is that China is still noticeably increasing their reserve in Gold as the country looks to enhance its currency. Additionally, the country is looking to de-Dollarize ahead of the US elections. China has considerably increased their orders for the commodity and investors should note that the Renminbi has become the fifth most traded currency in the world.

According to economists, the higher price has a lot to do with the increase in orders from certain countries. In addition to this, some investors continue to predict a rate adjustment from the Federal Reserve after a slight decline in inflation from 3.5% to 3.4%. However, traders should be cautious that the Fed’s representatives are not changing their rhetoric. Loretta Mester said that achieving their target of 2% will take longer than expected, but maintaining current interest rates will help reduce price pressure. The official added that the US Fed needed more evidence of an inflation reduction to begin easing monetary policy. Below are the dates some of the main global banks expect the Federal Reserve to start easing:

July 2024 – JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs

September 2024 – Morgan Stanley & UBS Group

December 2024 – Bank of America and Deutsche Bank AG.

Technical analysis continues to point towards an upward price movement including the VWAP, Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands, though the price is understandably overbought on most oscillators including the RSI. However, based on the previous two impulse waves on the daily chart, the price potentially can increase a further 2-3% before losing momentum if it is going to follow previous patterns.

USA100 –  Investors Focus On NVIDIA Earnings Report

The USA100 was the worst performing index on Thursday and Friday. However, the index will again be under the spotlight as NVIDIA’s Quarterly Earnings Report will be released Wednesday evening. Economists have said one of the main reasons behind the loss of momentum towards the end of the week was the “higher weight” stocks underperforming. Of the “magnificent seven” stocks, only three have outperformed the NASDAQ over the past month. These include NVIDIA, Alphabet and Amazon.

On the positive side, the price this morning is increasing as are other global indices, indicating a “risk-on” appetite.  Furthermore, an influential factor will be NVIDIA’s earnings and revenue data. Analysts expect the company’s Earnings Per Share to rise 7% and revenue to increase to $24.55 billion, a new record high. If the report is higher than expectations, the price of the stock is likely to rise and support the NASDAQ accordingly.

Michalis Efthymiou

Market Analyst

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